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contribtenleyTenley (The Deer) – Someone once told me, “Tenley. Ten toes. Uses all of them to dance.” I am currently a dance teacher, who spends the majority of my time talking to tutu-ed two year olds. I love any movie that stars Meg Ryan, know almost all the words to every Billy Joel song, once paraded with the circus (okay, it was twice), and am dreading the day skinny jeans go out of style. I will be attending graduate school at Northern Illinois University next fall, where I will study Applied Family and Child Studies. Tenley writes “Tenley Tuesdays“.
Read Tenley’s blog here.

911510_327335924060273_1371863293_nJeremy (The Dog/Corgi?) – My psychic once told me the two things I have to look forward to most in life are joy and travel. I’d like to believe her, even if she held my $20 bill under a light to make sure it was real before she read my palm. I’m a recent graduate from Winona State University with a degree in Public Relations & Creative Writing. Currently, my future is cloudy with a chance of winning the lottery and going on to become the next Anderson Cooper or Kim K. To be determined. I would exchange my blood for Greek yogurt on any given day. I like sans serif fonts, oxford commas, Game of Thrones, and bearded men. In that order.

156190_10150859529142670_718676157_nLauren R. (The Sloth) – I’m a freelance writer with a passion for music, entertainment and The Vampire Diaries. One time I met Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade, and now I can only hope to be best friends with Thom Yorke. My spirit animal would be a sloth because I love doing nothing, but I am also cute while doing nothing. I like writing a lot and one day I hope to be recognized for my intense knowledge of all things teen dramas. Read Lauren’s blog here.

allieAllie (The Gazelle) – I’m basically a compilation of Rory Gilmore, Mary Tyler Moore, Jane Bennet, and Snow White in an Allie-shaped package. I graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a degree in English Literature and a greater appreciation for parkas due to Minnesota winters. In October 2013 I will be getting married to the most amazing man I could ever dream of and starting that thing they call “adult life”. But really I’m still a 14 year old girl pretending to be Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Grimaldi Renaldo, Princess of Genovia. Allie writes “Classically Minded“.

jenotterrrJen (The Otter) – I learned a lot of what I know about myself from the Duck and the Owl. They taught me about my Otter animal spirit, spreading happiness all over the Midwest, and finding kindred spirits on the Internet. Aside from my Otter kinship, I am known as the girl who spends all day reading, taking pictures, and befriending strangers. My identity changes at night: after 6pmI stop everything and love-up on my husband. I believe in celebrating the beginning of the month, the start of a new season, and, well, just about every time you can. That said, cheers to you, and you, and you. :) Read Jen’s blog here or click here to read about the happiness we have spread with Jen!

hollis!Hollis (The Fox) – I am a purveyor of vintage fashions and keeper of the Fox and Rook shop. As an Anthropology graduate, I am a culture fiend, and become terribly excited over such topics as treasure hunting, Scandinavian design, seasonal cuisine, street style, perfumery and good music. When I’m not rummaging through piles of clothing to find the best vintage for my clients, I can be found toiling over a hot stove with a glass of wine, and spending every possible moment with my sweet little girl. Read Hollis’ blog here or click here to join the virtual book club we started together!

ambkoalaAmb (The Koala) – Hi!! My name is Amber. I’m a Toronto girl who works in telecommunications by day and devours pop culture by night. I started blogging as a way to unwind after spending the day in Corporate World and pretending to be a grownup. I counter the effects of cubicle-itis by writing with excessive exclamation marks, forming deep and meaningful relationships with fictional characters I meet on the page and screen, and batting my virtual eyelashes at other bloggers who have a particular way with words. Like my spirit animal the koala, I’m pocket-sized, pretty adorable (modest, too!) and perhaps not quite like anyone you’ve ever met. Amb blogs full time at Words Become Superfluous and has also talked her way into the cast of characters over at The Blog of Funny Names.

samSam (The Horse) – Is a recent graduate, graphic designer and photographer living in Chicago, and is slowly learning to put failure in the same boat as love.




Bridget (The Whale (Emoji)) – Hi, I’m Bridget! Some of you may not know me, and now you will, maybe. I’m 21 and an undeclared film student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since moving to Minneapolis this past August I have recently found I enjoy walking in the rain, obsessing about wanting a dog, and get extremely flustered by drag queens. I look forward to the mysterious future and what it brings. I believe that love is the higher power. I think I fit very well into the ardently scatterbrained category and have my writing to prove it. If I had a catch phrase it would probably be, “It’s only awkward if you make it awkward”.

quinbutterflyQuin (The Butterfly) – This is Quin from Lay Bare Blog :) I’m a 21-year-old beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. I’m a photographer, wife, and mom with a passion for all things vintage, for travel, and food. Read Quin’s blog here.





Lauren H. (The Giraffe) – I still stomp my foot when I don’t get my way. I still get really scared that I’ll never make it out alive when my sweater gets all tangled up and stuck over my face, no matter how many times it happens, and I make it out mostly OK. I’m pretty sure my time watching crimes shows is all the training I will need for my future career in the FBI. And why isn’t popcorn its own food group? Salt, butter and nacho cheese, please.  Be my friend, I’ll make you something, because DIY says ‘I love you, so I made you this string art.’ But seriously, I’ll make you something good. I write about things I like and will teach you how to not be craft illiterate at This Handmade Circus.

elyssahawkElyssa (The Hawk) – Who I am … A single mother of 3 boys & 3 cat childs. A person who loves to travel & read. Always with a book in hand, my sony camera around my neck & wearing rumpled clothes from my backpack. A proud enrolled Native American who is currently living on an Indian Reservation in Wisconsin, USA. However, my travels have carried me to 40 some US states, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Laos & Canada. One might say I am mighty busy. Yet, I have a degree in Biology, albeit, I never used it. An advocate for sustainability and organic living, as well as, supporting local stores and your community library. My hobbies are expensive addictions but I would have it no other way!!! Read Elyssa’s blog here.

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